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Italian doctor was charged the death of former fiorentina defender davide astori

Native Italian doctor has been charged with involvement in the 2018 death of former Fiorentina defender and Italy Davide Astori, Davide Astori died at the age of 31 in a hotel room in Udine in March 2018 before his side’s Serie A match.

Giorgio Galanti the head of Florence Hospital in Careggi, was the last person to prove Astori played in the summer of 2017, seven months before his death, and Galanti was sentenced to one year in prison after failing to investigate the player. heart health.

Prosecutors said the doctor wanted to do further tests to determine heart disease, based on the results of the test stress Astori, and requested to be sentenced to 18 months in prison, Galanti also sentenced to pay € 1 million Euros Astrori family. According to Italian media, Galanti’s lawyer said the doctor had done his job correctly and would appeal.

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