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After Manchenster United’s Europa League Defeat Liverpool Could Be Trouble For The Champions League Draw.

Liverpool could be in trouble for the Champions League draw following Manchester United’s defeat in the Europa League final.

Following on the Europa League final victory Villarreal will enter the Pot 1 Champions League draw alongside Atletico Madrid, Lille, Man City, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan and Sporting Lispon.

Manchester United will join Liverpool in the Pot 2 draw for the Champions League alongside Barcelona, ​​PSG, Juventus, Real Madrid and Sevilla, The eighth team in Pot 2 will be lucky to have Brussia Dortmund.

It is also possible that Dortmund will enter Pot 3 and face Liverpool in the group stages, depending on the outcome of the Champions League final between Man City and Chelsea.

If Man City win the Champions League final, Chelsea will be the eighth team to reach Pot 2 and send Dortmund to Pot 3, which could see Liverpool and Dortmund face each other in the group stages of the Champions League.

But if Chelsea win the Champions League final they will go into Pot 1 and send Dortmund in to Pot 2 .

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